A Facade of Hopelessness: Liberation, Truth and Bullshit

I spoke to some young people today. “Lot’s of people know what’s going on Colby – many are afraid to speak up because they might not get the help they need from the band office”.

That’s the problem. So many people know what’s going on in their communities yet many allow the patterns and cycles to continue. At the end of the day, what is ultimately important to people is how they feed themselves. As my friend and relative I grew up with, Preston Baptiste aka “Taco” put it; “We’ve been oppressed for so long that we’ve gotten used to it, but we’re talking to the young people trying to change that”. And we are, young people are noticing and watching what is unfolding.

The reality is people support each other in a group of immorality because the need of love and belonging is met – hence why it can familial based -“blood is thicker then water” (but a Peoples can not survive without water). This type of support, if you’d call it support, is an illusion of comfort fed by the pretending of shamelessness. For some reason those who want integrity, morality, communal love by speaking the truth, calling out injustice, are the ones that should be ashamed according to this group. It’s just a lame game of pretending…

This is what often feeds divisions within communities. Big love is required to embrace these ‘groups’… because they are reflections of us, and we are reflections of them. And the reality is, there is no us and them. It’s always been all of us… caught in the illusions of our own egos. However this awareness should never be an excuse to allow the continued abuse of women, children, and the land…

The rage of the Oppressed ascending into the Passion of the Liberated.

But this is just a blog… almost pointless until it’s experienced on the ground… It’s near impossibly, near hopeless to defeat immorality with the system that harvests it in the first place…

“If people get disrespectful in the band meeting thats it we’re shutting it down… they have to learn some how”. Said a councillor in the chambers today. It is true any form of meeting needs norms, guidelines, rules to follow in order for it to be productive, especially if it is a space for constructive feedback and debate. The thing is I often wonder if our people can have a healthy debate in the midst of such emotional turmoil stemming from the legacies of trauma. We can’t blame the trauma, nor should it be an excuse for lack of accountability – yet it does have a definite factor in the outcomes of communal dialogue and decision making.

“You can’t talk down to the people, shutting the meeting down won’t teach them anything, the people need to be heard, shutting the meeting down will only oppress the people and they’ve been oppressed for a long time”, I responded.

“I don’t care about oppression, we need rules…”, he said.

“yeah there needs to be rules, but the rules can’t be imposed on them, ask them and include them in the guidelines that need to be followed for the meeting… “, was my reply…

“The thing is we can’t ask the people Colby, the people just ask the same questions and we don’t get anywhere”, the chief included.

“The people ask the same questions because their questions never get answered, it’s always a lame political answer, or a beat around the bush answer…”

*silence… my phone rings I answer it and excuse myself to take the call* the conversation was bullshit.

The whole time the FSO from indian affairs was sitting there smirking at the discussion. Indian Affairs get’s their jollies off when communities they administer are divided. Fuck Indian Affairs…. <– quote that.

The only vision I have within the Nation I am from, is that the collective
works together, comes together in a space where everyone contribute to the outcomes of the Nation.

Opportunists are usually the ones who run for elected positions, there are usually personal interests and persona investments included in all that they do. I may have decided to agree to this position, and I'm glad I didn't pursue it.

Future leaders, regardless of what titles they agree to definitely need to be clear within themselves. I'm talking about being healthy, have an understanding of who they are and where they come. It's the basics of being grounded within their Self-Worth. Where do they get their self worth from? If they get it outside themselves, they will definitely love the titles and recognition of Indian Affairs agent jobs, whether if its working for Indian Affairs or pursuing becoming elected for Chief and Council. The materialism, the external acknowledgment of who they are as "elected officials"… will devour them. They themselves will become emotionally dependant on the system they desire to change, or help their people with. They will start to think they are smarter then the people, that they know what is best for the people. They destroy their very own prayers with their hunger for personal successes through earthly riches and ego stroked acknowledgements.

We see this pattern in many First Nations governments and administrations. I'm not writing this and highlighting this to single people out or to bash people. I just think it's important for people to recognize these things, because in all honesty, I don't think people notice these things. That's not a bad thing, it just means there needs to be more awareness. Our Lands are at Risk, our women, our children… are all at risk. Now isn't the time for Indian Affairs complying Chiefs and Councils… Now isn't the time to accommodate the feelings of the oppressor, the colonizer, the settler, the career chief, the career councillor.

It's a time for "Conscious Misbehaviour", "Intelligent Misbehaviour"…

It's time to break the rules….

So for those of you utilizing your precious time to read this… thank you…

And break some rules…


*image was cropped from a workshop poster called "The 7 Rules you were born to break*


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5 comments on “A Facade of Hopelessness: Liberation, Truth and Bullshit
  1. indigenista says:

    Reblogged this on 4 the love of the People and commented:
    “Fuck Indian Affairs” 👍💃❤️

    • Really appreciate these words. The scenarios are happening in the “political systems” world wide. The word politics – “means how do people organize their community”. It can go from the micro – families – communities – to the macro nations and collective nations such as “nato – Soviet – United Nations” etc.
      I have struggled for years trying to come to a spiritual place where I can be a peaceful presence in the world. Non violent protests such as Ghandi used often became violent when the powerful could not stop those using the peaceful approach. Recognizing our rising anger and taking time to come up with the creative release and action to release a community vision of respect, listening – and struggle to build everyone up and not try to bring everyone down to our own level of despair, immobility, confusion. Hard work – inner – recovering and healing the spirit within should be part of the way out of our reality to the wellness of all my relations.
      In my humble opinion – the upset in the current alberta provincial government is the same thing. Some people have access to power while most are ignored. Recovering to become the persons we were destined to be is hard work. Thanks for your contribution to the wellness for all – as you have named and called out what many are unconscious of. You are a blessing to all.

  2. Carol Houle says:

    Rethink your position on running for your council..they all need more people thinking the way you do.I think you have what it take’s.CarolH.

  3. Evelyn says:

    And when you ask anything, it is—-“Oh— I ‘ll check the ‘policies or procedures, which has to be approved by INAC, we need backbone within ‘our’ system, someone who is not scared to speak up ‘for ‘ the people’, and please to all the young people attend meetings go to c/c meetings, they are supposed to be open—–learn what is happening, and IF you intend to run for C/C position, —don’t go in blind–

  4. Shirley MacDonald says:

    You are brilliant Colby, never forget it. Please write a book. We’ll sell it at our gallery.

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